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NATC together with AS Automation System Hellas provides ready tested prefabricated units with short delivery times and easy installation. The units are supplied with flexible automation software and detailed operator manuals so that even inexperienced operators can put them in operation easily and fast.

Featured Products - Ready Prefabricated Technology

Special prefabricated units for Food & Beverage Industries

All the prefabricated units are supplied with standard equipment. Other selections are available from approved list of suppliers and multiple customisation options according to your specifications and needs.

GALAXIAS Ready prefabricated pasteurization equipment units

GALAXIAS is an automation solution for milk pasteurization for small and medium size plants. All equipment is ready for integration and connection to external equipment (separator, homogenizer, deodorizer, large holder etc) and ready for operation. All of the operational parameters are available for adjustment by the operator and is supplied with various automation levels which can easily be integrated in any plant.

CHEAS HOLDER - Milk for Cheese Longer Holder Unit

The ideal solution for traditional cheese plants. It provides long holding times allowing for the minimum possible pasteurization temperature for better cheese taste. It is offered with ready installation for CIP.

CENTRASIP – Central Unit for Automatic Clean-In-Place (CIP)

The compact solution for small and medium size plants, comprising of integrated tanks with chemical solutions and ready to operate. All the operational parameters are available for adjustment by the operator. Suitable for pipe, equipment and tank cleaning. (CENTRASIP Brochure)

We offer:

  • CIP units to reduce cleaning time and costs
  • Improved operational hygiene and cleaning efficiency due to the reproducible cleaning processes
  • Improved product quality, recovery and purity due to enhanced plant hygiene
  • Customisation - pre-engineering consultation with client
  • Safer, more consistent method of plant sanitation
  • Automating cleaning process for labour savings, efficient water and chemical use, and regulatory compliance

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YOGAS HOLDER - Milk for Yogurt Longer Holder Unit

A solution that provides long holding times for proper yogurt production. It is offered with equipment for separate cleaning from the pasteurizer for better cleaning. Typical holding time 5 min. Sold either separately or in combination with the pasteurizer GALAXIAS.


CIPLAS – Local Unit for Automatic CIP

CIPLAS is the ready solution for medium and large size plants offering a decentralized cleaning unit that can be installed close to the production equipment. With its compact dimensions and its proximity from the cleaning targets, it makes an ideal tool especially for difficult cleanings. We supply it ready to operate while all of the operational parameters are customizable. It can be installed either individually or in conjunction with other CIPLAS units and is suitable for pipe, equipment and tank cleaning. (CIPLAS Brochure)

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THERMAS - Compact Heating Unit - Ready prefabricated units of auxiliary milk equipment

The ideal solution for in-line or recirculation milk heating. Taking advantage of the automation achieves stable and gradual milk heating to the desired level. It is offered with interconnection option of the final tank temperature and operator final tank set point. It is suitable for all dairies.

REPORTING Monitoring Software

Production data monitoring software

REPORTAS – Process Reporting Application

It is the ideal solution for all dairies. Developed based on the latest technologies it provides collection, archiving and presentation of all production date in real time. We supply ready pre-developed reports for Milk Reception, Product Mixing and Recipe Handling, Pasteurization, Storage, Packaging and CIP. It is the ideal management tool for immediate access to all production data. It is suitable for all dairies.  (REPORTAS Brochure)

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Knowledge is Power

Production Data - Process Optimisation - Productivity Increase, for customised plant solutions. Connecting your plant with technology resources you need. REPORTAS is a process reporting application that presents information in an organized format and refers to process's specific periods and/or events. Built on modern technologies, REPORTAS provides collection, archiving and presentation of production real-time data, in a reliable way. The easy-to-use interface allows fast and accurate decision making based on production facts. Production Scheduling, Process Optimization, Quality Control and Quality Assurance are now at your fingertips.


  • High Quality Reports
  • Low Cost Software
  • User friendly interface
  • Long period process logging groups, data and alarms (Relational Database)
  • Data migration to intranet information systems (ERP, MES, etc)
  • Fully compatible with Siemens products
  • Custom reports tailored to your specific business needs


Know where and how your product is stored. Know your exact production quantities. Check out past production procedures to trace your products. Follow your production recipes with projected and real consumptions. Trace back in time to check seasonality for correct capacity production planning. Know exactly your product yield and energy consumption for performing correct cost analysis and margin calculation.


Whatever your needs are, with REPORTAS you get your answers. Plant production information is available to help you make the right decisions fast and accurately. Choose from our ready well tested standard reports or request any customization solution that meets your needs! And Don't Forget:


  • Built on most common and reliable technologies (Ms SQL Server - dot Net).
  • No OPC server needed. Use your existing Siemens SCADA (WinCe, WinCC Flexible)*.
  • Easy installation/connection with every Microsoft based system*.
  • Time and Batch based reports: process ID, process values, duration, set points, statistics (min/max value, average value), and alarms.
  • Documentation filtering flexibility and easy to export as .pdf, .xls, .csv, .html.

Home Automation Solutions

Home Automation Solutions

NATC provides the solution to enhance your lifestyle and make your home comfortable, secure, energy efficient and integrating all input and output devices into a centalised open source control system.

NATC System is a centralized control system which means all the inputs and outputs are wired to the controller of the system. The solution is an open source control system that allows you to connect any digital or analog device to control and secure your home. It provides home automation and security (control and monitoring) and improves the energy efficiency of your home, by doing so making your life easier. NATC system is based on controllers developed by world leading automation manufactures; Allen Bradley – Rockwell, Siemens and Omron. NATC system is an open control system, which means it is vendor independent and can be connected to any input such as light switches, photo sensors, PIRs, proximity switches, modem signals, room thermostats, thermocouples and basically any digital or analog input device. Based on the input signal the controller can control any digital or analog device such as lights, electrical operated doors, curtains, alarm output devices, heating system or units, awnings, surveillance systems, etc. The control system is expandable and connect to multiple controllers via Modbus or Ethernet network. It can be installed in most of the old houses by modifying and extend the wiring of the house. Electrical installation drawing is provided. The controllers are industrial rated and are widely available on the market, which makes the system robust and reliable.

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