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Engineering Maintenance & Support

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We provide a comprehensive range of support and after sales services to ensure that your system works perfectly and safely for the length of its working time life, and includes scheduled maintenance services as well as support for breakdowns and failures. We follow a logical fault finding process to identify the root cause and where applicable provide recommendations to reduce the likelihood and/or consequences of the event occurring again.

Through our engineering maintenance and support services, NATC strives to build long term relationships with our clients. Building long term relationships is an integral part of our business model and business philosophy and it gives us the best opportunity to be a resource that is valued by our clients. We believe that this value comes from over time better knowing our clients sites, systems and people, which from this knowledge we can provide engineering services that are tailored to our clients requirements.

Our engineering support services include control systems support, training and commissioning as well as client engineer services, troubleshooting and operation analysis, equipment integrity reviews, failure assessments, plant asset integrity support.

Maintenance Support Service Options

Break-Down or Call-Out

NATC Support can assist you to get your equipment back in production in minumum time and reasonable cost. We will check your machinery during a breakdown and fix the broken components and follow a preventative procedure to avoid the same fault being repeated again, at the same time we will advise you about what is required to keep your machinery in production without interruptions.


Preventative and Planned Maintenance

We will assist you with a programmed preventative maintenance schedule to avoid unwanted distruption of production. We can visit your premises obligation free.


Service Level Agreements or Term Maintenance Contracts

NATC Maintenance and Support provides on-site support with the option to sign a SLA (Service Level Agreement) with NATC to obtain the level of service and response time that is suitable to your particular environment.


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