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We believe building automation should be simple and affordable. That's why we offer a complete building solution for lighting, heating, security, audio, blinds, PV & Solar and more. A NATC automation installation is one complete ecosystem with one central brain and just one app.

Smart home design begins with NATC; intuitive, affordable and scalable control system. It is about how automation technology is transforming "The Home". Home automation technology has been around for several decades in luxury dwellings. But the industry as a whole has been slow to take off. Blame it on dedicated branded "closed" control systems with sky-high prices that require professional installation and branded components. This is where NATC can provide you with the integrated connectivity solution to innovate your home with security at the top of the list. So you can expect to automate audio, lighting, climate, video, motorised shading - but also some stuff you wouldn't expect. Lets have the conversation to see how we can help you with your home automation.

In a NATC automation solution every device is controlled and monitored by a central hub, the PLC Controller. Simple push buttons, sensors, as well as complex systems such as photovoltaic - solar panel installations are fully integrated.

Blinds & Shading

Control your blinds can even integrate your blinds with your burglar alarm to open when an intruder is detected.


LED strips, lighting scenes, dimming and so much more. Create the perfect look in your home with lighting control from NATC.

Multi Zone Heating

Save dollars$$$ with multi zone heating and enjoy every room of the house at just the temperature you like it.

Multiroom Audio

Listen to your favourite music in every room: sing along to your Spotify playlist in the shower in the morning,


Measure how much energy your building is using; automatically turn off power-hungry equipment to bring those bills down.


Latest security solutions. Let us advise you on an alarm/cctv system that suits your home or buisness requirements.


Colored light, lighting scenes, dimming, touch-less lighting and much more. Create the perfect lighting atmosphere with NATC lighting control.


The perfect temperature in every room at anytime. For instance, the bedroom is at 68°F in the evening while the bathroom is at 72°F in the morning.

Home Security

Enhance home security and keep intruders away from your home. Secure your home using: Lights, audible sounds and shading.


Recognize energy savings potential, shut down electricity to stand-by power consuming devices and home generated power.

Audio / Video

Listen to your favorite music in every room: Wake up with a kick starter playlist in your bathroom; listen to chill out music for dinner.


Control your shading individually, in groups, or make them fully automatic. You can even utilize your shading for your alarm system (All shades up).

Easily Controlled

NATC provides advanced LED lighting solutions for industrial, commercial, residential, retail & hospitality sectors. Our industrial lighting products are designed and tested to meet the most demanding Australian conditions whilst delivering optimal energy efficiency to our clients across Australia. Our commercial LED lighting team can assist with professional lighting solution and advice to ensure the best outcome for your project.

NATC also provides building emergency lighting implementations. If your business is based in a building, you need to have clear evacuation strategies in place for emergencies. Emergency light testing and exit light testing will ensure your business has a clear exit path in place in case of an emergency. Evacuation lighting is essential during blackouts and electricdal failure, as well as during a fire. A clear lit path can reduce panic and increase the chances of your staff avoiding any harm. NATC adhere to the Building Code of Australia and AS2293.2 standard for emergency lighting testing & inspection. Call us today to ask one of our team members to visit your workplace today. Our mobile service means that you can access emergency light maintenance when it is convenient for you.


We offer a comprehensive range of integrated engineering services across a range of industries. Providing optimal automation systems and solutions, PLC troubleshooting, industrial/production process line improvements and Clean-In-Place prefacbricated cleaning units installations and configurations. Our solutions saves time, money and effort while increasing the profitability, flexibility and competitiveness of our clients.

Engineering Solutions

We are helping our clients to be more efficient, productive and innovative through our flexible customised solutions meeting clients requirements and budget. Read More

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"Home Automation For ..."

There's a NATC Smart Building Solution for everyone. Discover how you can tailor your NATC building automation system to suit your needs, save energy, and protect your assets.


Comfort & Lifestyle

Energy Saving



Child Safe

Children love pressing buttons and switches. So whether you want to ensure that lights stay off, or that the pond cover remains safely across the pond, with just a tap of your phone, you can activate a 'child lock' and disable any button or switch throughout your home. 

Child Safe

Children like to push buttons.  With a child safety function, a push of a button will have no effect on your NATC system.


As your children get older, your lifestyle changes. Today the room on the first floor is still a nursery, but in 20 years' time, maybe it's an office. Don't worry - your smart home accomdates your changing needs!

Individual Room Control

Set your comfort temperature for each room of the house and never worry about a bedroom that's too hot, or a bathroom that's freezing cold in the morning. Heat only the rooms you use, when you use them.

Future Proof

Your children get older and lifestyles change. Today a room is a child's bedroom and in twenty years it may be used as an office. No worries! Your Smart Home will adapt to your new lifestyle.

Comfort & Lifestyle

Lighting for every occasion

Cinema, romance, or party. Change the atmosphere in your home with different light scenes, which can be easily and individually set up, and are simple to adjust.

Light Scenes For Every Situation

Reading, movie and entertain. Combine all your lighting sources to support your events. Adjust dimming and color to suit your events; easily set up, activated and changed.

Remote Control/ App

Control your home from anywhere. With the free app for smartphones and tablets, you can open the garage door to receive a parcel, or let the mother-in-law in, without needing to be at home.

Remote Access / App

Whether you are in your backyard or across the world, control your home from anywhere. With the free apps for both smartphone and tablet, you can open the door for package delivery, give entry access to your family, turn off all the lights and so much more all from your device.

Your favourite music in every room

Enjoy your favourite music in any and every room of your smart home. Imagine walking into the bathroom in the morning and being greeted with your favourite radio station. What a good start to the day!

Your Favorite Music In Any Room

Your favorite music in every room, perfectly integrated in your NATC Smart Home. When you walk into the bathroom in the morning your favorite radio station turns on. The perfect start to your morning.

Energy Saving

Optimise your energy consumption

Maximise your energy efficiency, and have the Miniserver run your dishwasher or washing machine only when electricity is being produced from your photovoltaic system, saving you having to buy from the grid.

Optimize Your Energy Usage

Reducing energy costs for your home is complete and simple with NATC. Consume all your home generated power. When your photovoltaic system has extra capacity, turn on your laundry machine or run the dishwasher.

Standby Killer

With just a push of a button, you can switch off all power-hungry standby units, and reduce electricity costs.

Standby Killer

With a push of a button you can cut power to all devices that consume energy in stand-by mode. Eliminate waste and save on energy costs.

Uncover potential energy savings

With the statistics function, you can record and visualise your energy usage, and identify and eliminate areas where you're using too much energy.

Discover Energy Savings

With the statistics function you can capture consumption data, identify potential savings and eliminate wasteful consumption.


Panic Button

A button next to your bed triggers the panic alarm: all the lights come on and flash brightly, the blinds open, and the siren can sound. At the same time, an automatic call can be made to your emergency contact.

Panic Button

A button next to your bed can be used to activate your alarm system. Have all the lights flash in your house, blinds go up and have the server execute a phone call.

Control my home

If the alarm is triggered, the blinds are raised, the lights are switched on, and music is played at full volume throughout the house to deter the intruder.

/Control my home

In the event of an alarm, the blinds are raised, the lights flash and the music starts playing at full volume. NATC provides enhanced security to keep you and your home protected.

Protection against storms, fire and water

Your smart home can detect water leaks, fire, high winds, and more, and will alert you immediately to prevent any further damage.

Protect From Weather, Fire, Water

Your smart home can detect a water leak, fire, storm and more and will react immediately to prevent further damage. For instance, sky lights will be closed, shades will be retracted and your garage will close during a storm.

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